The Rules Within..

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The Rules Within..

Post by UnfoundWarrior on Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:49 am

This section DOES have all the rule that the rest of the site have, but a specific few are more strictly followed.

Those rules are:
1. No Links to site that contain Warez, Pornographic Content, Overly Violent, Gore, Hacks, Illegal Torrent Sites, Illegal ANYTHING.
2. You can NOT promote: Drugs, Murder, anything that threatens the safety of ANYONE on OR off of this site.
3. No Flaming,insulting, Accusing, or Blaming other users
4. And Do NOT EVER EVER EVER, Feed the Trolls, Pigs, or Gorillas!
5. Use your common sense, does it have content that a lot of people might not like, or find offensive? Probably shouldn't add it!

Rules are subject to change without notice, so Check back constantly[i]
Failure to Comply with these rules will result in SEVERE Consequences

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